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Metodbox Bee is a project management and evaluation platform that can be used in project-based courses at K1- K4 education level.

With project-based learning, students have the opportunity to practice what they have learned by associating the subjects they have studied in the lessons with real life, and they can enrich their learning experiences. They can also develop skills such as critical thinking, problem solving, effective communication skills, collaboration and creativity during life-based projects at Metodbox Bee.

It is also possible to evaluate products, presentation skills, contribution to the process and self-development of the students developed during the project with a holistic approach.


Project Planning Experience

Students can prioritize their tasks in projects and establish a project-time management relationship.


Individual and Group Studies

Throughout the project, students can acquire team and individual work skills by distributing tasks with their groupmates.


Holistic Approach

Students can follow the project steps as well-rounded and self-confident individuals who contribute to society.

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  • Metodbox Bee
  • Metodbox Bee
  • Metodbox Bee
  • Metodbox Bee
  • Metodbox Bee
  • Metodbox Bee

It offers an enjoyable training process thanks to its user-friendly interfaces.

Teachers can easily manage the entire project process and project content while evaluating the individual and group performances of their students with a holistic approach.

All assignments, documents, designs and presentations made by students throughout the project are displayed on the portfolio page. Thus, project processes are transformed into virtual footprints.

With Bee evaluation tool, Education administrators can follow the success and project status in all schools (campuses), levels and classes.

Teachers, on the other hand, can see the status of their classes and students and report them by comparing with other classes.

User Roles


  • Institution structuring (school and class creation)
  • Creating a teacher and student list
  • Adding, defining and editing themes
  • Rubric definition
  • Account creation and authorization
  • Reporting
  • Sending system messages


  • View theme contents
  • Adding training material
  • Creating and editing project groups
  • Defining and assigning occupational
  • Assigning homework and assignments
  • Student assessment
  • Reporting
  • Sending messages to students


  • Fun learning with colorful designs
  • Process and task tracking
  • Homework upload
  • Ability to view all work as an e-portfolio at the end of the project
  • Project Certification creation
  • Sending messages to teacher and friends

Abous Us

BK Mobil is a technology company, established to produce young scientists and projects that will shape the technology of the future, carry our country among the technology leaders on a global scale.

While providing software development, product management and business services in the field of educational technologies, it also aims to create an ecosystem with stakeholders who want to reach the international arena, have a strong technological infrastructure, dream of the future, and are open to ideas and developments.

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